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Faravardeh Fooladi Co:

 Is manufacturers and suppliers of wide range of Centrifugal Wheel and Industrial Machine Spare Parts.

We produce Parts for All International Brand Shot Blasting Machines existing on the market and parts on demand of customer.

Our Company Provides Anti-Abrasion Spare Parts Including Wheel Blade, Impeller, Impeller Case, Liners Covering Cabinet, Special Liners In Blast Area , Feed Spot And So On.

 These Are Carefully Engineered And Produced To Provide Uniform Distribution Of Abrasives, Which Helps Increase, Part Life And Achieve Cleaning Goals. Good Quality Parts are heart of machine, which gives long life to machine and reduce running cost.


Specification of our products:


material  of Our products  have  Excellent  cast ability , abrasive wear resistance , impact strength , quality and exceptional long life, reduce its maintenance costs. We are specialized on the wear resistant material such as high alloy iron such as high-chromium irons (class III of ASTM a 532), Ni- hard, GX300 CrMo15.3 and high carbon steels such as 100Cr6.


 By means of two electrical induction furnaces, iron and steel productions are being carried out in our company. Melting is analyzed by using spectrometer. Our molding method is consisted of sand molding (CO2 process) and manual molding.

Heat treatment: 

In order to obtain the optimum mechanical properties heat treatment is applied to cast parts according to their chemical composition .most of the parts have 54-60 HRC hardness.

Quality control:

In Faravardeh  Fooladi Co, Quality Control Group Manager is responsible from quality control and laboratory activities. During production, whole stages of production are controlled by quality control personnel.

Quality Assurance Management also assists and coordinates with Technical Service Department to detect customer problems on site.

The following equipment is applied to achieve the high quality in our laboratory:

· Spectrometer

· Metallurgical microscope

· sieve shaker

· Hardness testers

· Other necessary tools and equipments.


The advantages of our products:

 Extended tool life time: Through high wear resistant materials

Lower maintenance costs: Due to longer lifetime of the wear parts

 Reduced downtime: As the service and repairs will be massive reduced

 High safety of wear parts: Through very strong compound and impact resistant basic material



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